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Hotel Chateau Heralec Tschechei
Hotel Heralec, Hotel Czech Republic - Hotel Czech Republic

Boutique Hotel & Spa by OCCITANE
Heralec 1, 582 55 HERALEC
Czech Republic

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Luxury hotel description

Welcome to one of the most romantic castle hotels in Czech Republic - Chateau Herálec. We offer you the luxury of a five star boutique hotel, unique and sleek interior design and exclusive services in one of the most beautiful and romantic castles in the Czech Republic. Our luxury chateau has an excellent location with direct access from the D1 highway and very good proximity to the international airports in Vienna, Prague and Brno. Helicopter landing in the chateau premises is also possible.

Accompanied by an English park from the 18th century, Chateau Herálec is located in the Vysocina region that has the highest amount of UNESCO World Heritage sites in the country and is dominated by pristine and beautiful nature filled with deep forests, blooming pastures and breathtaking panoramas.
For its visitors, it represents a true zen oasis as time spent at our hotel in its spacious rooms and apartments is time spent in absolute privacy and undisturbed peace. Specialties of Chateau Heralec include one of the largest collections of branded Bordeaux wines in the Czech Republic as well as an exquisite cuisine providing an authentic gastronomy experience based on fresh and local ingredients without any chemical additives.

Chateau Herálec, one of the most luxurious hotels in Czech Republic, provides you also with a unique wellness &spa concept. Our castle Spa by L`OCCITANE guarantees a spa experience equivalent to the one you would receive in the original Spa L`Occitane in the 5* hotel Couvent des Minimes in Provence. Experience true relaxation and indulge yourselve into luxurious comfort of our castle hotel with the natural cosmetics of the highest quality, L`OCCITANE.

Boutique Hotel
Treat yourself to a luxurious experience and the comfort of a magnificent estate - become the guest of our unique boutique hotel situated in the heart of Czech republic - in Vysočina region famous for its wonderfull nature and UNESCO historical monuments.
In our historic 5 star hotel you can find modern up-to date hotel services in an charming atmosphere of times long by, when the ladies and lords walked up the wide stone staircase, dined under the magnificent arches and drank wine in the dark wine cellar. The five petals of the Heralec rose, half dipped in red, half dipped in silver, have become a new coat of arms for the castle, symbolizing top quality, luxury, comfort, privacy and uniqueness.

Whether you decide to treat yourself to a swim in our pool or a professional massage, relax in our warm jacuzzi in the castle turret or just lie down on one of our Chaise lounges in the resting room or the English park, there are numerous opportunities for you to forget the outside world. The golf simulator, located in a spot that were once horse stables, is also fully at your disposal.
At our great hotel representing fresh design ideas and unique hotel concept in Europe, we will take care of you in the most luxurious and discrete way possible, so that you will want to keep coming back to our oasis of peace and calm.

Accommodation at the Castle Chateau Heralec
Spaciousness and creativity are definitely words that characterize luxury castle accommodation at Chateau Heralec. Choose any from beautiful hotel rooms, either named after previous castle owners or paintings from old maestros lent by the Regional Gallery of Vysocina, and you will be amazed. The old meets thew new here in a very harmonious way, allowing each of our guests to indulge in absolute relaxation.

In this part of our webpage, you can familiarize yourselves with our entire offering of our hotel rooms and apartments. For further information, click through our seperate sections Castle Suites and Castle Rooms,
choose the room you like most and enjoy your stay in our beautiful castle.

King`s Suite of Lords Trčka from Lípa
The largest suite in Chateau Heralec is named after one of most powerful Czech houses - the Trčka of Lípa. They were so wealthy and rich that they even lent money to Czech kings and were also the regional governors of this beautiful area. »

Presidential Suite Lords of Solms
The unique space of the presidential suite of the Lords of Solms has so many fascinating details that you will be captivated from the very first moment you open the chamber doors

Grande Luxury Suite By the Forest Pool
Enter and relax. Whether under the tree canopies, huddled in your comfortable blankets or just seated in soft armchairs you will be absorbed in the pleasant atmosphere

Grande Luxury Suite Counts of Trauttmansdorff
If you have a slightest romantic inclination, you have made the right choice. These were the Counts of Trauttmansdorff that gave Chateau Heralec its romantic touch - turrets, crenellations and beautiful facade.

Grande Luxury Suite Oak Grove
If you choose this suite, you will have an opportunity to feel the comforting warmth of scarlet oak leaves. Your eyes will rest upon the piece of one of the Czech impressionists, Joseph Ullman, giving you the impression that the leaves in the painting are coming to life in the soft Vysocina breeze.

Grande Luxury Suite By the Sázava
To live in a chateau and simultaneously find yourself at the banks of the River Sázava is only possible in this suite decorated by the masterpiece of Bedřich Havránek, a pupil of Antonín Mánes.

Grande Luxury Suite Youthful Forest
Once again you will be enamored by an incredibly spacious suite where you can fully enjoy the wonderful feeling of freedom and the freshness of soft grass in the youthful forest where you have just found yourself.

Grande Luxury Suite Olden Forest
You will sense the atmosphere of a calm forest landscape at the very moment you open these chamber doors. The dignity of tall majestic trees, peaceful glades, clear skies and a distant horizon offer themselves to you.

Grande Luxury Suite Family With the White Stallion
In the third largest suite in the chateau, you find yourself in the company of a symbolic white stallion painted by Jan Preisler. It is up to you, which part of the mysterious painting you will let yourself be drawn into.

Grande Double Room De Luxe Lords of Roupov
The room `Lords of Roupov` is interesting for its comfortable area the size of a cosy apartment, its luxurious equpiment but also for its name. Kryštof Karel bough Castle Heralec in 1602 from the Trcko clan.

Standard Double Room Summer Scenery
Another window into the landscape of Alois Kavolda opens itself to you in this room - with meadows full of red poppies and thin stretches of fields in the distance.

Grande Double Room De Luxe Before the Hunt
If you are interested in experiencing a real hunt, all you have to do is enter our Chronicles of Experience where you can read about the hunting experience in the planes of Vysocina that we offer.

Standard Double Room Cloudy Skies
After resting by the blazing fire in the spacious southern wing, all you have to do is descend the staircase into the original stone passage, where lords once stepped out from their carriages, and you will find yourself in the `Cloudy Skies` room

Luxury Double Room By the Blackthorn Bush
Lay in the comfortable bed, sit in the soft armchair and just doze away. Do you feel the spring, the scent of the blooming blackthorn blossoms and the buzzing of the bees around?

Standard Double Room By the Gateway
The name of this room is as mysterious as the castle itself, with its many hidden nooks, and unexpected areas waiting to be discovered. In this location, the old castle lords used to halt their carriages and mount from their horses.

Luxury Double Room Landscape
The grand landscape of Gustav Macoun widens the already spacious area of your room. Looking at this painting, the panoramatic landscape will feel very familiar to you.

Standard Double Room Autumn in the Park
You are still in the comfort of your castle room... eventhough the painting of one of the most original Czech painters, Jan Honsa, creates an unrepeatable illusion in the room.

Standard Double Room Under the Bridge
The oldfashioned bridge, beautiful scenery and the historical castle walls create the atmosphere of this room. It is thanks to the depiction of Alois Kalvoda, whose artworks influenced generations of Czech painters to come

Single Room Boat on the Pond
Have you already discovered fishing or swimming in our Chronicles of Experience? Or would you just like to take a stroll through the Vysocina countryside?

Welcome to our CASTLE ALL INCLUSIVE RESORT and the first L`OCCITANE SPA in the Czech Republic.
Chateau Heralec, with its 5* service standard is in many ways an ALL INCLUSIVE WELLNESS&SPA RESORT. We have been doing everything to be one of the best all-inclusive resorts in the Czech Republic and in Europe and our hard work has paid off. Chateau Heralec received the license to run the first L`OCCITANE Spa in the Czech Republic. The amazing experience from the massage and beauty treatments from the popular French brand of natural cosmetics in the highest quality is now available to all of our hotel guests, as well as guests from outside. All in the luxurious environment of our hotel Wellness & Spa.
The entire ground floor of the southern wing is dedicated to your spa comfort and luxury relaxation. Under the original medieval arches laid with a silver glistening mosaic, you can find a private swimming pool with an adjacent resting area. Benches covered with comfortable pillows in the windowsills invite you to sit in them and rest. Behind the pool area, you will discover a spacious Finnish sauna, a smaller Finnish sauna with the possibility of using natural herbal extracts and cleansing steam sauna.
In the intimate atmosphere of our massage parlors our professionally trained massage and physiotherapists await. It will not be difficult choosing something from our inspirational selection of L`OCCITANE treatments. The authentic ingredients used in the making of this unique natural cosmetics line together with traditional massage techniques create a package of utter relaxation. Just entering our massage parlors will make you more relaxed, the interior design inspired by the unique and beautiful nature of the Provence region Camarque. The country, ingredients and rituals of the Mediterranean are the building blocks of all Spa L`OCCITANE treatments. “The feeling cannot be described, it must be experienced..."
Our resting room, located in the long corridor of what used to be an orangery, was designed for the ultimate relaxation experience, utilizing its unique design to connect our guests with the beautiful nature of the English park outside. Wrapped in blankets, you can sit and take in the beauty of the majestic trees for hours. The jacuzzi in the intimacy of the castle turret is the perfect place for discrete resting. For those that prefer active relaxation, we have the castle fitness equipped with the most modern technology and professional assistance at disposal.
For even better regeneration of your body and mind we have equipped the chateau Wellness & Spa with the Biosynchron technology. This is a totally unique form of passive therapy, based on the principles of dry thermo-therapy and pulsating magnetic therapy. It is used by both professional and recreational athletes, and is also suitable for physiotherapy and rehabilitation purposes. It has unique relaxing and anti-stress effects. The BIOSYNCHRON facilitates the flow of blood in the peripheral circulatory system (capillaries), promoting blood circulation and detoxifying the body. This relaxes the muscles; after an injury it can support recovery and muscle mass growth, accelerate the healing of muscular and joint injuries, or suppress pain in the back and in the entire musculoskeletal system. It also eliminates the feeling of the complete physical exhaustion, usually following a day of intensive physical activity. Using the BIOSYNCHRON facility leads to overall biological regeneration, energizing of the body, its oxygenation and relaxation.

Castle Restaurant
A wonderful castle hotel is only half as good if it doesn`t have an amazing restaurant that offers exquisite gourmet experiences. You will no doubt always remember our castle restaurant for its unique atmosphere that it owes to its location within the castle, situated in the oldest part of the building. The culinary experience in our luxury restaurant is enhanced by our classy dining and beautiful, hand-made glasses and chalices that remind one of the Murano glasswork style, each individually colored to resemble stained glass windows. These masterful replicas of ancient chalices inspire everyone to drink from them. When it comes to food, we prepare everything with love and passion, being great advocated of the slow-food movement. The concept of our restaurant`s gastronomy derives from the best of traditional Czech cuisine, combining it with fresh and modern inspirations. This way, even the most demanding guest is satisfied. We try to utilize as many regional ingredients and products as possible, something that is immediately palpable in both the smell and taste of our foods. Our ambition is to cook without any chemical additives, artificial coloring or flavors and with as many fresh ingredients as possible. Our wonderful staff will ensure that your culinary experience is absolutely satisfying. `Cherries on top` of our gastronomy services offering are things such as our huge collection of French wines from Bordeaux, large selection of Cuban cigars, delicious desserts and picnic menu. Our tip is for you to try one of our exclusive tasting menus!
Events at Chateau Heralec
Are you preparing a conference in the near future? Is there a new product that you would like to introduce to your business partners in an unusual setting? Or is it just that time of the year again where you want to teach your staff something new? Would you like to thank your business partners for their cooperation or organize a company Christmas party, personal birthday party or even a wedding? Team building, outdoor events or intimate private event... whatever your ideas and plans for an event may be, Chateau Herálec is a perfect event destination.
From the summer of 2011, we have opened our conference & meeting room areas at Chateau Heralec. We thank you for your interest in our services and hope that it will be our team that can make your event unique. We offer comfort with the most modern technology, unusual castle environment for conferences as well as a very representative space for social occasions. We want the organization of all conferences, meetings, training session, social events and outdoor events to be as easy as possible for you, so please do not hesitate to brief us with the details of your event and leave the organization to us.
For social events and private celebrations, we are more than willing to supply various supplementary services and entertainment - flowers, music, various artisans, musical performances, VIP service upon request, etc. Our castle courtyard is perfect for bigger luxury events. We are capable of facilitating a complete gastronomy and technical service to up to 70 people.

Hotel Chateau Heralec Tschechei, Hotel Heralec, Hotel Czech Republic - Hotel Tschechische Republik, Hotel Czech Republic, Hotel République tchéque

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